Summary Content

Let’s define briefly each main aspect that is mandatory in the summary:

The goal – this will be the information of most interest to the public. It is essential to inform any reader about the main purpose of study. So he can check if he has any interest in reading it. The most common way to start a summary is even the cliché: “The purpose of this study is …”

Materials and methods – for a scientific research to be recognized there has to be a method to follow in order to validate each step. Here we will define what method was used and whether specific materials were needed for the entire research. If there is any form that has been used, it should be contained at this point.

Results – according to the method used, a result was achieved, or not. Sometimes the studies are inconclusive. All this must be mentioned in the summary in a very synthetic way.

Conclusions – here is where the conclusions should be presented in a simple and dry way. No considerations or justifications. Has the research goal been achieved? Yes and this is the result, or not because there was this and that failure or unforeseen prevented reliable data.

Yes, the summary is direct, synthetic and objective. It awakens interest in reading the work to all those who are interested in the area and explains in a simple and direct way all the content.

We are professionals and we work with rules

Our rules are simple but fundamental to the success of our work. When contacting us, telling us where you want our help, we will send you a response with the necessary information to know what we will do and how much it will cost you.

We may, before the budget, need to ask some questions for clarification. Then you will respond if you really continue to want our help and once you have answered yes, we will pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Absolute secrecy about your work and your request for help
  • Total confidentiality in relation to your identification data (except legal issues, of course)
  • Professionalism
  • Scientific rigor

The secret is the soul of the business

Yes we have already spoken behind the secrecy regarding the work, but we want to reemphasize this aspect. Our work is a ghost job. We write, do, deliver and then simply disappear from the equation.

Once the work is completed and accept all payments made, our contract will cease and you will have all the copyright on the work. You can do whatever you want that all credits and praise will be exclusively for you, as if we had never existed.

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If you still have some questions about what we can do for you about the search summary, please contact us now. If you want you can already send us your research work so that our answer is as concrete as possible.

Tell us the job submission date and how small the abstract wants. We know that some advisors are very specific about the number of words or lines used for this part of the work. Eventually you may also be summarizing a research paper that is not yours, which may make the summary more complicated.

Whatever your situation, we can help, because this is our day-to-day work. We have a lot of experience and we are used to doing this type of work. Notwithstanding the habit, we insist that each work be unique and we will never copy anything of its work, the whole or a part, because plagiarism is cr

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